Specialty Industry Services / Construction

Specialty Industry Services / Construction

Construction Industry > Interests we can address:

Build a comprehensive budget specific for each project.

Account Management: Build chart of accounts that meets project’s reporting systems.

Manage cash flows at the project level & at the company level (all projects).

Operations Management: Re-design the company's Organizational Structure so that it is aimed at achieving a high level of coordination between the company's departments in order to maintain full control over the projects.

Establish a flexible budgeting system in order to control projected project costs in comparison of the actual project’s costs.

Project Contract Financing: Conduct research for the possibility of financing the project from local banks.

Contract Management: Manage contracts & all correspondence related to the project.

Offering special training for all financial and accounting personnel.

Manage project variations which might be based on owner requests or work necessities.

Manage periodic reporting systems, which include:
   → Incurred Costs vs. Costs to Complete
   → Project target profit margin